Business Vision 2009 - 2013 Vision of PT. Indra Karya in 2009 - 2013 is: "Creating a PT. Indra Karya as a consulting services company with the best performance in Indonesia.”

Explanation of Vision PT. Indra works covering aspects of performance are as follows:

Referring to the principles of corporate management to maintain the survival and development of the company, then the performance in this regard include:

(a) Profitability Performance

(b) Performance Sustainibility

(c) Performance Competitivenes

Supported by HRD , organization, production, marketing, finance and management. With the best performance, the company makes professional human resources as a corporate asset, has a "team spirit" and high performance coupled with an effective organizational performance in order to increase market share and excel in the competition and produce a quality consulting services, to achieve the objectives maximizing corporate profits

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