PT Indra Karya (Persero) is committed to the Safety and Health of its employees and its operations and to the implementation and development of an Environmental management system. PT Indra Karya (Persero) has been implementing occupational health and safety system based on OHSAS 18001 requirements and environmental management system based on ISO 14001 requirements.

Implemented Employee Safety & Health Activities

PT Indra Karya (Persero) always complies with occupational health and safety in all activities by making zero accident our goal. PT Indra Karya (Persero) believes that Good Safety Means Good Business. Good Business.

Implemented Environmental Activities

  • The Implementation of Environmental Programs The Company‚Äôs commitment to preserve the environment is applied by conducting various activities as part of the conservation programs.
  • The Implementation of Environmental Compliance The Company complies with the provisions of laws and regulations related to the management environment. The Company has never been fined or imposed with other legal remedies in relation to any suspicion of environmental management violations.
  • Global concern on the environmental conservation The Company is committed to being an environmentally friendly company by contrive friendly construction (green construction) and environmentally friendly building (green building).