Type of Services : Planning, Hydrologycal Analysis, Detailed Desain, Construction Supervision

The Jatigede Dam is a rock embankment dam at the Cimanuk River in Sumedang Regency, West Java, Indonesia. its located 19 km east of the town of Sumedang. Construction of the dam started on 2008 and it was completed on 2015. The power station is expected to be commissioned in 2019.

The main purpose of the dam is irrigation but it will also for flood control, water supply and hydro electric power generation. Water in the reservoir will be used to serve a irrigation 90.000 Ha of farmland and the power station is expected to have a 110 MW capacity.

Detailed desain in 2005 with this following specification: Dam will be a 110 m high and 1,715 m long rock-fill with center core dam embankment. Its crest will be 12 m wide and the volume of dam is 6,700,000 m³. The dam’s spillway will be a chute-type on the center of the downstream face. It will be controlled by four radial gates and have a discharge capacity of 4,468 m³/s.

The irrigation intake is located below the spillway. The reservoir volume is 980 x 106 m³ and efective storage capacity of which 877 x 106 m³. The purpose of dam is also for water supply and power generation. The catchment area encompasses 1,462 km2 while the reservoir surface area of 41.22 km2.

The dam’s crest elevation is 265 m and the normal reservoir elevation 260 m. The intake for the power plant is located on the right abutment with 3,050 m long head-race tunnel before reaching the power plant downstream. The power plant will contain of two 55 MW Francis turbine-generators (total capacity 110 MW) with a design hydraulic head of 170 m.